About SAVE-P

The SAVE-P team comprises a group of committed South Africans from across the country, including engineers, designers, technologists and medical professionals, who have redesigned a CPAP device that can be manufactured using existing local technology for treating patients affected by Covid-19. The CPAP 100 device is an affordable, reliable solution that requires little maintenance and a minimum of training for non-ICU qualified nurses. SAVE-P, with assistance from the Medical Device Manufacturers Association of South Africa (MDMASA) and the National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers (NACAM), have received expedited licencing from the regulatory authority (SAHPRA) to commence immediate manufacture of the CPAP 100.

Meet the Core Team

Justin Corbett – Director, Project Lead, Executive Team
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Dr. Greg Ash – Medical Consultant, Executive Team, Director
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Rueben Olifant – Director
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Dr. Markus Thill – Executive Team
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Claudio Maccaferri – Executive Team
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Graham Ellett – Executive Team
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Elizabeth Wolmarans – Project Manager
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Cobus Viljoen – Quality and Mechanical Engineering
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Louwrens Camacho – Production Manager
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Simone Rudolph-Shortt – Regulatory and Approvals Consultant
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Charl du Toit – Mechanical Engineer
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The Digital Media and Marketing Team

Andrew Muir, Programme Director
Amir Karim, UX Architect
Haley Vingsness, UX Consultant
Jenskin Jeyamani, UX Consultant
Danielle Hervey, Marketing
Nick Schilperoort, Marketing & Branding

Our Supporters

SAVE-Project has been very fortunate to receive the support of many individuals and organisations who have provided skills and resources, at no charge to SAVE-P, in order that we can achieve our common aim. Without this support, we would not have been able to reach the significant achievement of bringing the product to market.

Amiee Ash
Jacqui Ash
Samantha Ash
Andrew Baugh, Thistledown Manufacturing
Andrew Baugh, Thistledown Manufacturing
Pieter De Beer, IDC
Johan Botha, Aerosud
Mark Botha, Aerosud
Jeandre Britz
Gabriel Bruwer, Sinapi Biomedical
Tony Bunn
Dr HM Cassimjee
Allen Cockfield, Artic Driers

Willie Conradie, Executive Engineering
Cherie Corbett
Kingsley Corbett
Reece Corbett
JP Cronje, Reef Engineering
Scott Dixon
Lionel Dowclay, Dowclay Products
Belinda Ellett
Richard Ellett
Lynette Finlay
Louis Fourie
Wouter Gerber, Aerosud
Brian Goemans
Riaz Haferjee, Summitomo Rubber
Dr C Hoogendijk

Shane James, Progressive Components
Shannon Kaybin
Wayne De Klerk, Reef Engineering
Keith Klintworth
Andrew Lacoste
Joanette Maccaferri
John McAllister, Reef Engineering
Dr Don Miller
Joseph Mokoena, Reef Engineering
Reuben Olifant, Steelbest Manufacturing
Dr Osborne
Dr Craig Parker
Glen Parker, Sizanani Plastics

Chris Philippides,ADV plastics
Mark Van Pelt, Pepperl+Fuchs (Pty) Ltd
Diego de Radigues, EUCCISA
Dr RP von Rahden
Jerry Reyai, Reef Engineering
Simone Rudolph-Shortt, ISO health sa
Johan van Tonder
Samuel Upton, MCR Manufacturing
Hugo Vercuel, Rhomberg Instruments
Barend De Vos. Afrit Trailers
Gerhard Van Der Walt, Afrit
Robin Whittle
Dr Ian Young
Prof Carlo Van Zyl, Van Zyl SA