Assembling and setting up the CPAP 100

The CPAP 100 is designed to be easy to assemble, setup and operate. Click on the first picture on the right right and you will be linked to an instructional video that will explain how to assemble the CPAP 100. Click on the second image and you will be linked to a video that will explain how to setup the CPAP 100 ready for a patient.

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CPAP 100 Technical Training

This is the official CPAP 100 entry level training that explains how to test the device, record the test results and submit the results to the SAVE-P website. Clicking on the picture on the right to show the instructional video

Please click here to record test results for a CPAP 100 device.

Working closely with National Department of Health (NDoH), the Department of Trade Industry and Competition (DTIC),  the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) and the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) the SAVE-Project has come together to help with what we feel is an innovative solution to help combat the pandemic.

Why This Project?

The devastating effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the healthcare systems of the world is very clear. Global supply chains of ventilators, which are critical for the treatment of severely ill patients, are under strain to produce more machines. This project was launched to urgently assist healthcare workers and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

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CPAP 100

The CPAP 100 device is an affordable, reliable solution that has been designed and developed to go into production quickly, whilst requiring little maintenance, a minimum of training for non expert users, and will be suitable for a majority of infected users; vis a vis for purpose, high impact intervention.

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Man with CPAP device

The SAVE-P Team

We are a group of committed South African citizens from all over the country: including engineers, designers, technologists and doctors who have recognised the effort to gather and redesign CPAP machines as a critical strategy solution for all national hospitals treating patients affected by COVID-19.  The SAVE-Project led by Justin Corbett, has grown to 90 volunteers who have been working around the clock to understand the needs of doctors and hospitals, researching and testing technology as it becomes available, designing the CPAP 100 and coordinating with medical professionals and committed public servants.  

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